The Modern Medical Student Manual by Dr Chris Lovejoy

Chris Lovejoy
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In The Modern Medical Student Manual, Dr Chris Lovejoy presents a fresh perspective on how to approach learning medicine in the 21st century.

The book brings in insights from a wide range of sources and combines them with the personal experiences of the author and others of learning medicine. It contains highly practical advice for succeeding in the ‘conventional’ aspects of medical school; written exams, OSCEs, learning from the wards and scientific research, whilst also considering “bigger picture” questions, such as how to find a work-life a balance, enjoy what you’re doing and maximise your positive impact.

Written by a fresh medical school graduate, and with contributions from highly successful students and doctors across multiple domains, this book contains something for everyone.

(NOTE: Check out this Amazon page for reviews - it's been available on Amazon since 2017, but I've just added it to Gumroad now (April 2023). More information on the book also available on my personal site here.)

Inside, you will learn:

  • Science-backed learning principles for performing better while studying less.
  • How to utilise techniques of ‘world-class performers’ to develop excellent diagnostic skills.
  • Suggestions for finding the optimum balance between work and play.
  • Four guiding principles for making the most of time spent on the wards.
  • An optimal approach to scientific research as a student and a method for generating research ideas.
  • The challenges of communication in healthcare and how to prepare as a student.
  • How to go from struggling to write essays to winning essay prizes.
  • How to create a competitive medical CV through doing things you enjoy.
  • Five techniques for pulling yourself out of a low mood when medicine or life gets you down.
  • How to assess whether medicine is right for you.
  • Considerations for maximising the positive impact of your medical career and finding a career path you love.
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The Modern Medical Student Manual by Dr Chris Lovejoy

2 ratings
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